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Practice History

The practice dates back to the 1900s when it was run by Mr Claud Worth (1869-1936), Consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital and a pioneer in the orthoptic treatment in squint and young children.

Mr Charles Leonard Gimblett (1890-1957) carried on the practice, having worked with Claud Worth.

Mr Gimblett was succeeded by Mr Kenneth Wybar (1921-1992), Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

Professor David Taylor, who worked with Kenneth Wybar at Great Ormond Street Hospital, took over the practice in the 1970s and he retired in 2006 whereupon the practice was taken over by Miss Jane Leitch and Miss Gill Adams.

Professor Chris Lloyd joined our practice in 2016 following the retirement of our colleague, Miss Isabelle Russell-Eggitt and then Lucy Barker joined in 2022. Gill Adams retired at the end of 2022 about the time that Will Moore joined followed by Richard Bowman a few months later

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